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da wrote:
On Sun, 12 Dec 2004 05:54:35 -0800, "wendy7"

Hi there Vic & welcome. A super job on the description of your Phal.,
but even with a photo, one could not ID as there are thousands of hybrids
out there.
Just enjoy & keep an eye on those red spots, if they turn yellow or
start to pit into the leaf, then could be a problem.
If I were you, I would get your Phal a friend or two! *g*
Good growing,
Cheers Wendy

Thanks for all the nice responses. So I guess I didn't make a total
idiot of myself while attempting to describe my plant. The botanical
pictures and parts descriptions I was using as a reference didn't show
Phals as their sample plants, but Laelias and Cattelyas, so I found it
a bit tough to make the proper comparisons.

I've got a good quality 35mm SLR camera that handles 99% of my photo
needs, but it really doesn't help me in circumstances like these. Oh
well, maybe Santa will be listening and pick up a hint. g

As for getting my plant a "friend," I'd love a fragrant plant, but I
really don't have the room or the space for another -- a small
apartment with north facing widows isn't the ideal orchid nursery. I
did, however, see a few nice ones at an orchid show, but I held off
buying them because in addition to my space issues, I wasn't sure how
successful I was going to be with this one. Maybe by next summer I'll
have enough confidence in what I'm doing to buy a second one.

An aside: you can get your SLR photos put on CD, you know, and usually
fairly cheaply (at least over here) in addition to your prints. Then
you could share them. You can even have reprints put on CD.


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