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John Bachman
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On 03 Jan 2005 19:57:35 GMT, EROSPAM (Ka30P) wrote:

Illinois has a new reptile and amphibian.

Out of 75,000 votes cast online, the Eastern Tiger Salamander is the new state
amphibian, and the Painted Turtle won as state reptile.

Lt. Governor Pat Quinn announced the winners today, saying all candidates ran
positive campaigns

(Ha!, I can't believe the bullfrogs ran a postive campaign, I think they tried
to eat all the other competitors).

You can find out if your state is on the cutting edge of state mascot adoption
here ~

Here in Washington we don't. But we do have an offical insect (the blue darner
dragonfly) and an offical fossil (Columbian mammoth) but, depending on who you
talk to, we still don't really have a governor...

We ran a poll in NH and the dominant slimy wriggler was the