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H Playel
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Default Phalaenopsis cross pod maturation...

I have a pod on a primary cross I made between P equestris (blue variety)
and P celebensis in september 04. Now the pod has lessened a bit in size,
but still looks healthy. I am thinking about trying to harvest the pod while
it is still green, but I don't know how long to wait!
Anyone have any advise or information for me about pod maturation for phals?
I know I have seen the info before somewhere on the net, but I cannot find
it again... It would be great to get some input from RGO!
Really looking forward to this cross, both parent plants are exquisite.

PS, I have general knowledge of orchid propagation, have Bulbophyllum and
Oeceoclades in flask now, so that's my only knowledge base right now DS

Thank you in advance!