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"Angrie.Woman" Spaketh Thusly:

Hadn't thought about the sink, but there is a hose bib on the floor below.
Wouldn't be too big of a deal to "t" off that and put a dedicated spigot
right under the tank. But there is a sink close too. adding a direct access
to a drain would be the tricky part.

I already figured that out... get some PVC close to the sink and somewhere
above it; put a barbed fitting on the end. Then use some tubing to drop right
into the sink, and remove it when you're not using it. If it's a finished
room, hiding the barb is a tricky part. Perhaps a dummy air conditiong outlet
(small round one) held up with a magnet - pull it off and go.

I would need to study aquarium design though, because there wouldn't be a
back side. THe tank would be open on both sides.

Tank positioned inbetween 2 rooms? Way cool. I'm jealous. If any one side is
against a wall, put your sihon and return hose there, there's nothing else to
show if your filtration, etc. is downstairs. Hide the siphon box under the
If you don't have any side against a wall or a large piece of furniture - like
in the middle of a big room - I'd guess drilling the tank would be the neatest
way. I've never had a drilled tank, but lots of people do so it must be OK --
it just scares me. But it eliminates the unsightly and expensive siphon
(overflow) box.

I'm liking the way this is shaping up.

I know what you mean! I've been playing with this in my head for years, since
I first looked at Dave's (dclubine) site back when he was building his
automated water change system.
Inspiring. Poke around there and you'll get plenty of ideas.

Bill H. [my "reply to" address is real]
Molon Labe!