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Rabbits sniff along the ground. Try putting cyan pepper along the edges
of the garden. This will repel the rabbits. Rabbits also eat from the
bottom up. Deer tend to eat from the top down. Seen any deer tracts??


Bluebee wrote:
I have a samall garden where I have eggplants. I have it fenced by a
bird-netting fencing. The net is firmly stapled to the ground. I noticed
that something was eating my eggplants and sweet pepper plants at the
rate of two per day(even with the net around). I thought it was the
birdy doing it, so I covered it from above with a bird netting. Still I
found my plants eaten. I found a hole at one end of the netting(could
have been there before), so reinforced it. Still someone ate the plants.

One day hubby saw a tiny-rabbit getting in the garden and destroying a
plant and leave!

Someone told us that if we sprayed Habernero peppers water, rabbit will
not bother the plants. But even after spraying peppers water, I have
missing plants!! The rabbit is essentially breaking the plant in two halves!

How do I prevent any further casualties? I have already lost about