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Anyone have a solution to get rid of those ugly black spots that
accumulate on a hose that is wrapped around one of those wind-up
devices? I guess water drips in/around the hose and seeing as it's
probably darker in the middle/end, the hose gets ugly and uglier after
you pull the first 25 feet out. The outer length stays nice, and this
hose is maybe 2 years old... no leaks, cracks or whatever, but the
missus wants me to clean it.

Cleaning it is only a temporary fix. It's going to keep coming back until
you take care of the cause. Find the leak, and fix it. Unroll the hose, and
let it sit in the air and the sunlight to let the anaerobic mold die. Then
wipe it off with a rag dampened with detergent, and let it dry completely
before rolling it up again. If you fixed the moisture problem, the mold
won't come back. If you didn't fix the moisture problem, it really doesn't
matter what you clean it with because the mold will come back.

Warren H.

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