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Thanks - the irises have been "spoken for" and will have a good home. A
lady from this area is going to come get them.


Sterling wrote:
I have been digging up all the iris today and just hate the thought of
putting them in the compost. They are (I think) called German iris,
about knee high, purple, many flowers per stem. Good bloomers, usually
in March.

If you are in this area you know how wet and soggy the weather has been.
It is like a Turkish bath out there right now! These (very crowded)
iris are getting those little mold spots on them and I decided I HAD to
thin them out. Now I have a big pile (100 or so) that I would love to
see someone take. I have cut them into fans (as the spots need to be cut
off) and they are ready to plant.

Everything I read on the web says that as long as the rhizomes are firm
and full (and they are) you just need to trim off the leaves with spots
(which I have done). shows a small pix I posted to
this site.

If you are interested, I am in Dunwoody, and you can reach me by email -
you have to decipher this as I really HATE the spam bots - as sterhill
at comcast dot net.

Any takers??