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On Sat, 03 Sep 2005 17:21:40 -0700, vanlux wrote:

I understand the purpose of the limiter caps on the carburetor low and
high mixture adjustment screws - but how the heck do you make an
adjustment. I can't see any way of making adjustments. What sort of tool
is required to actually make adjustments? Is it necessary to pop the caps
off, adjust, and replace them or is there a special tool to get in that
tiny hole?

Thanks in advance.

I believe that this saw has a walbro carb on it..? If so, understand that
these tend to be complete crap (in my opinion) and the adjusting screws
should be removed and replaced. I would suggest that you go down to your
local small engine repair shop and ask for new metering screws. These
should cost under 5 bucks and it's something that you could do, but I'd
personaly just hand them the saw and tell them to have at it. 20 buck for
the piece of mind that it's done right.

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