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Mark Dawson
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"Lyn" wrote:


I want a pump that will cost the least to run since it will
be running fairly constantly. I plan mostly a water garden
so I will probably have lots of leaves dropping into water.
I will also keep mosquito fish in it. Any filter considerations

So any recommendations for 250 gal. (oblong shape with
three "fingers") pond are much appreciated.


I would recommend the Aqua Sea pumps--they're VERY efficient (some less
than .9 amp). These are above ground pumps, not submersible--however
when I installed my 3600 gph pump, I paid for the pump in 4 months (1.4
amp vs 7.2 amp). They ARE very quite (as advertised). The only issue
is that they don't run with air in their lines, and in my case, if they
are shut off, I have to work "priming" the lines to get them started (my
holding tank is uphill, so if power goes off, all the water drains to
the bottom)