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Default Birdwatch survey this weekend

"Mary Fisher" wrote in message
For those interested in such things there is also the similarly named
Garden Birdwatch run by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology)

This is an open ended ongoing weekly survey rather than a one off.

I'm going to do it as my tribute to Chris Mead, who died a few days ago.


Me too Mary, I signed up online last Friday and got my pack this morning.
The online entry form looks very simple and it looks like you can access
your own data to see the picture that builds up for your garden. You can
definitely see the survey results by species for your area or any other
you're interested in. You can also note mammals, insects, amphibians, etc.,
that visit your garden if you want to. I now have an excuse for studying
the garden every day, "doing important research you know" !