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Default goldfish over winter

Hello Charlie ... As winter approaches, use a thermometer to monitor the
of the water, and when it drops to 55 F, stop feeding the fish ... until
then try to feed
them only with foods meant for cold water (wheat germ and such) it's easier
on them
as their system shuts down ... then feed them the same in the spring as
their system
starts up again.
You may want to do a bit of a clean up in the pond ... trim back the plants,
get rid of
any dead matter, such as leaves from trees ... these items just rot in the
water over
winter and create a gas that needs to vent through open water ... if the
pond freezes
over this gas is toxic to aquatic life and will very likely kill your fish

Try not to let the pond freeze over

"Charlie Brown" wrote in message

I moved into this house a few months ago and inherited a pond with about
20 goldfish in it. the pond is about 12" deep 20' long and 6' wide, it is
quarter filled with lilies and other plants.
I do not have a clue of how to look after them properly, they are lovely
to look at and I would be hurt if anything happened to them. I read that
I should stop feeding them from November to April, is that correct? I am
so busy dealing with urgent repairs that I have not got round to the fish
yet, the place is so overgrown that I cannot even find the pump. Apart
from finding more time, what is the best thing I can start with? I live
in the south of England and we have very mild winters generally.