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Rocco Moretti
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Default Current in the planted tank

Bill Stock wrote:
What filters do you run on your tank to minimize current?

I was replanting some Ludwigia yesterday and I would like to have moved it
to the back corner of the tank. But the output from the AquaClear would not
have been good for it I'm sure. The Cabomba on the other side of the tank is
starting to take some abuse already;time for a pruning.

When I cared about it, I made a DIY flow diverter for my Aquaclear. I
got a small (page sized) piece of thin acrylic from my local hardware
store, cut it out into a horizontally stretched 'H' shape, and bent the
legs over, using the heat from a candle. The top legs were bent over
further, to form two hooks. I then slipped these hooks over the side of
the tank, on either side of the filter. The lower legs held the
apparatus off the inside of the glass, and The middle bar of the H was
thus positioned in the spillway of the Aquaclear filter. Hitting the
acrylic slowed/distrubed the flow of the filter, reducing the turbulence
in the tank.