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George Pontis
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Default Lighting for my new Planted Discus Tank

Justin wrote:

Hi all,

As of early next year, I want to move my discus out of the 2'x2' cube
and into a 4'x2'x2' tank. I currently have a MH pendant above my
cube tank which has done me well, but I am wondering if I should
continue it above the 4'...

I would like to use Compact Fluro's... As I think the MH is just a
bit too bright for the discus. Can anyone give me advise/experience
with these lights?

Are the CF's going to be able to supply light to a 2' deep tank?

Any advise would be great.

thank you.



No problem with any kind of fluorescent - so long as you have a good
reflector above the tube. Without a good reflector the light is
spreading out at too much of an angle, so the beam is wide but less
intense at the bottom of the tank. Your planned 2' wide, 2' deep tank
is a more favorable shape than the narrower tanks that are so popular.

You have many lighting options for a 48" wide tank. Two 55/65W power
compacts, end to end, would be a good amount of light for a fish only
tank but on the low side if you want to optimize plant growth. Four
55/65W in 2x2 would be the next step up in commonly available fixtures.
Coralife Aqualight are good quality fixtures, available in these
configurations with 6700K lamps. AH supply has kits for power compacts
in these sizes. If you want to roll your own, you would have more
options with T-5, or even overdriven T-8. Good reflectors are available
for both tubes; hopefully the price will come down.