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Default Current in the planted tank


Switch to a canister filter. You can then arrange the spray bar any where
and in any direction(s) you want. I have mine on the side, mid level,
spraying at several angles down the length of the tank with a segmented
spray bar. The surface remains undisturbed for less CO2 loss and the plants
don't take a beating. Also, Eheim filters (not Fluval) make great CO2


"Bill Stock" wrote in message
.. .
What filters do you run on your tank to minimize current?

I was replanting some Ludwigia yesterday and I would like to have moved it
to the back corner of the tank. But the output from the AquaClear would
not have been good for it I'm sure. The Cabomba on the other side of the
tank is starting to take some abuse already;time for a pruning.