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Default Absolute fastest Growing hedge plant for tall privacy screen????

There are some kinds of cherry laurel that would suit your purposes. Thick
screening foliage, tolerance for shady conditions. But I don't know about
speed of growth - that probably would depend upon your climate and moisture
conditions. Otherwise, the vine idea isn't bad, if you already have a
structure there to support them - regular ivy will cover a chain link fence
for instance, and is evergreen.
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I'm looking to make a privacy screen at least 10-15 ft or taller. I
need a plant that has leaves all year (evergreen) and will grow as tall
and thick as possible in the shortest amount of time. Also, and this
is important, it needs to be able to do so in shady conditions.

I've experimented with giant thuja, several bamboos, and lorrell. Any
better suggestions?

What if you planted a vine? Trumpet honeysuckle, and hall's honeysuckle
come to mind. Fairly fast growing, easily grows above the fence line.