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manish mukherjee
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Default strange mushroom on my money tree - what finally happened

just wanted to thank everyone for their responses and let you know
what happened. well, i fell in love with the little yellow mushies,
and the plant seemed okay, so i did... nothing! and guess what
happened... nothing! well, nothing happened to the plant, but the
mushrooms eventually shriveled up and died.

also, sorry for the confusion about the kind of plant that i have. a
quick google search showed me that there are many many plants called a
"money tree". mine is not a succulent, as one poster thought it might
be. it seems to be called a "money tree" by the chinese here in la's
chinatown. here's a pic that i found (although mine is about four
feet taller!):

thanks again!


(manish mukherjee) wrote in message . com...
hi all,

(i'm a plant newbie, so pardon me if this is a silly question!)

i've got a beautiful money tree growing in a pot. i put three small
gargoyle statues onto the dirt in the pot. all of a sudden two months
later, this large bright yellow mushroom sprouted up directly beneath
one of them, touching the base of the money tree. and beneath
another, there isn't quite a mushroom yet, but there is a lot of
similarly colored fungusy looking stuff.

do i need to worry about this, or are mushrooms on plants okay? i
kind of like the way it looks, so if it won't harm anything, i'd love
to keep it.