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David Hare-Scott
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Default Small Space Gardening- Vertical "bed"

"Mike C" wrote in message
I saw a structure built out of wood at the Chicago Botanical Gardens in
the small garden section that basically was a wood frame say 6' high x
5' wide x 1' deep. It had landscape fabric on the front (I assume the
back was solid) and had the plants poking out through holes cut in the
fabric. You can grow herbs, vegetables or flowers. Basically, you are
getting 30 Sq Ft of gardening space in a 5 SQ Ft footprint. Obviously,
you probably couldn't grow watermelons or something like that (possibly
on the bottom) , but I think most things would work.

My question is has anyone built something similar and how did you do
it? My concern is keeping the dirt in and adding dirt through the
small holes cut in the landscape fabric. Maybe they are able to add
dirt from the top or the back?? Any ideas/suggestions are welcome. I
need to get over there when it warms up to get a closer look at how
they built theirs.

I haven't done it (I have plenty of room) but clearly many people have. If
you google "vertical garden" you will get a zillion hits.