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Default Love my new Ferris 5000 72" zero turn diesel mower

Hi all,

If you are looking for a lawn mower that will increase your
productivity without beating the heck out of you in the process, please
consider the Ferris 5000 diesel. I am caretaker of an estate with 8
acres of mowed lawn. I was using a John Deer F932 front mower with a
72" deck which was ok but it was fatiguing to ride on the bumpy lawn.
It took me up to 8 hours to mow the lawn since there are many trees and
bushes here and there to work around.

I decided to bite the bullet and pay $14k for a slightly used Ferris
5000 with a 31 hp CAT diesel and a track vac. What a huge difference!
Now I can mow the lawn in just over 4 hours using about 6 gallons of
diesel and the independent suspension allows me to go around 8-9 mph
even over bumps. It does tend to tear up the turf if the ground is
moist and I turn too hard but I reduced this by being more careful.

The trac-vac is the dual trash can type mounted on a 360 degree wheel
base to handle the maneuverability of the zero turn mower. I have to
empty it way too much though and it clogs often so I am sorry I bought
it. Also, there are not that many attachments and no standard PTO for
the Ferris. Overall i thought I'd just say that if you are looking for
this type of mower, the Ferris 5000 is excellent!