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Sorry to hear about the leak. I know that must have been a pain!

I remember when I first put in my fish. They hide out at the rocks where the
waterfalls spills over. After a couple weeks I guess they felt safe and came
out to socialize. Give them several days and they will more than likely
settle into their new surroundings. How long were they out of the pond
probably has something to do with it. Good luck.
"Tri_EK" wrote in message
I had a leak in my garden pond and had to take the fish out and put in a
new liner. That was realy pain. I put new water in, chlorine neutralizer,
and bio start for the pond.

I put the fish back in and they seem to be alright but they have been
hiding near the pump. They only come out when there is food and that is
only for a short time.

Any ideas why they are not actively swimming. I have a combination of Koi
and regualr Goldfish.