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Default UK pond problem

"Dave" wrote in message
We recently moved into this house and "inherited" what could be a nice
little pond. Trouble is, the previous owner hasn't cleaned it out or done
anything to it since about July last year and it's a right mess of dead
plants and blanketweed, but also now getting new growth on plants as well.

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If you don't want to disturb the wildlife in the pond you can always remove
the dead plants. Remove the blanket weed by hand and start doing small water
changes to remove the dissolved solids and other unwanted substances in the
water. Carefully net out dead leaves. What I would do is remove all the
fish, frogs and tads to a small child's pool from the Variety store and
clean the whole thing out. Keep them in 3/4 water from the pond, 1/4 clean
dechlorinated water until you're finished. Use a dechlorinator/Chloramine
remover and put them all back. Watch the ammonia level - it may not spike -
it doesn't when I clean out one of my ponds. All I do is rinse the filter
when I do a clean-out so it still has most of it's needed bacteria.

Sorry, your pics were too large for me to view.
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