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Default Commercial potting mixes

PatC wrote:
I buy good quality potting mix for many uses.
I'm concerned that they may contain viruses &/or weeds.
I recently used a very good product to plant my sweet peas in new large tubs
& surprised to find that it is now also shooting up what looks to be onion
I am also reminded of the failure I had for the last 2 years growing much
loved home grown Tomatoes...I planted them in very large virgin pots in new
potting mix hoping that I wouldn't be cursed with wilt that had been a major
problem, but within weeks, despite being very careful with the utensils I
used in these pots my Toms once again wilted & died.
Am I the only person to have these disasters, could it possibly be the
potting mix?
I seem to have done everything by the book but ended up with major
I really would LOVE to have some home grown Toms this year, what does
everyone think?
BTW thanks for your responses in advance!

T 8-) ry this power point presentation . Very comprehensive...