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Default Black brush algae..excess phosphates? - Excel

*Note: There are two "Koi-Lo's" on the pond and aquaria groups.

"Mark Baldwin" wrote in message

The only way I know of destroying it is to use Flourish Excel, you need to
perform the initial dose and then everyday thereafter, do a 2x or 3x dose
for 2 weeks. When you put the stuff in the tank, squirt it directly onto
the algae - it will die within a couple of days going red and then white.

Mark, that didn't work in my tanks. All the Excel did was stop it from
spreading. It never turned white. It took several algae eaters to clean up
the tanks plus the Excel and micronutrients. Now however, I have a black
stringy, wiry algae none of them will eat. I'm going through Excel like a
drunk goes through a 6-pack.

Also up your CO2 to at least 30ppm - apparently this stops it growing but
I'm not convinced about this tbh.

Of course make sure you tank are in balance, all the proper plant
nutrients, low phosphate (0.1ppm), low nitrate (5ppm) and get your plants
growing. BBA will gradually die off if your plants are growing well and
everything is in balance.

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