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Mick Fournier
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Default A Cattleya mossiae


Out in your greenhouse there is a bucket full of dead plant tags and twisted
telephone wire bits... when you get the urge to spend more money on orchids
just go out and look in that bucket for a few minutes. That'll cure ya.

Did I happen to show you a C lueddemanniana that I bloomed in January? I
can't remember... well, here it is again. Lueddes are so nice... wouldn't
you agree?

HBI, Producers of Fine Orchids in Flask


"V_coerulea" wrote in message
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Really nice, Mick. Everytime I see some of your plants I get the urge to
order some flasks. Is that condition cureable?

"Mick Fournier" wrote in message
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One of my favorite Cattleya mossiae semialba plants took an HCC today at
AOS. I think you will like this flower a lot.

HBI, Producers of Fine Orchids in Flask