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Default Black brush algae..excess phosphates? - Excel

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Mark, that didn't work in my tanks. All the Excel did was stop it
from spreading. It never turned white. It took several algae eaters
to clean up the tanks plus the Excel and micronutrients. Now however,
I have a black stringy, wiry algae none of them will eat. I'm going
through Excel like a drunk goes through a 6-pack.

Fighting algae is about finding the balance.

Not enough light for healthy plants = algae.

Too much light and not enough CO2 for healthy plants = algae.

Too much CO2 and not enough light = dead fish and algae.

Wrong temperature = algae.

Improper any of the aforementioned for plants to utilize the available
macro nutrients = algae.

Excel, which is just an organic carbon compound just helps you find a
balance in a particular area where your tank may have been lacking. You
won't have the same degree of success with it in all tanks.

After all these years this is the first time I got really serious about
growing plants in these tanks. I mean other than vals and hornwart and an
anubia or two. The job seems complicated and expensive - a hobby in an of

I think it depends how fancy you want to be. My first plants died as
they were not low light. Next I ordered a variety pack for "low
light". Some died, but those that survived have done well for over 3
years and I have used starters to populate my other tanks.

I don't use fertilizer nor CO2 nor special sub layers. I have 3
different types of gravels, but the plants do well in all 3.

My only problem is pruning the excess growth. I hate throwing out
perfectly healthy plants.

I think that those that talk about ferilizers, substrates and CO2 want
to match the tank condition to the plants they want to have. I work
it the other way and have plants that are happy with the tank

My tanks are very attractive to my eyes and the fish are happy to have
resting areas. They run into the heavy growth to rest and I have no
need for caves. I do have 3 ornaments that a few of the fish use, but
the majority are content with their leafy glades.