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J Fortuna
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Default repotting phrag into Semi-Hydro question

Ray (or others who have experience with semi-hydro already),

I have a Phrag Ecua-Bess that is currently in flower, and has been in flower
or in bud since February. I was intending to repot it to semi-hydro once it
stopped flowering, assuming that the process of repotting might disturb it
and thus it might wilt earlier (?). However, it now looks like it may be
starting two more spikes -- I have noticed new double-leaves in two of its
growths. If I wait until after its flowering season is over, I may need to
wait a while. Should I wait, or should I just go ahead and repot it into
semi-hydro? The reason why I want to repot it is that I would like to be
able to water it less frequently -- currently I water it twice a week.
However, I do not want to endanger this flowering season -- I am hoping that
it will continue producing additional buds on its current spike, and then
get two more spikes, and it's going to be really neat.

By the way, thank you Rob, I got this Phrag Ecua-Bess from you for free with
my purchase of a Paph from -- I would most likely not
have risked getting a Phrag left to my own devices, since I did not realize
that it could do well in my environment, so I am glad that you showed me
otherwise. It appears to be flourishing. Shoot, now I will have to buy
additional Phrags :-( Oh, the woes of this addiction.

Thanks in advance for any advice on when it's ok to repot this Phrag.