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Default June 17th Saturday: Troll Free Groups - Att: Dick - PLEASE READ!

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 01:53:52 -0500, "Koi-Lo" ?@...բ wrote:

*Note: There are two "Koi-Lo's" on the pond and aquaria groups.

"Dick" wrote in message
.. .
On 17 Jun 2006 15:04:52 -0000, er
(X-Zenia) wrote:
For your own safety USE CAUTION to post on these usenet

I understand those that choose to use the google forum, however I see
them as surrendering.

A little about malicious trolls Dick. In a way the regulars here did
abandon these NGs, as they tired of the troll's abuse, smutty posts and
profanity. When trolls invade a NG no one wins. If you don't reply they
call you a troll anyway, and get more vicious to get your attention. They
put the blame on you no matter what you do - even when you ignore them! If
you do reply to them, they call you a troll because you replied. Imagine
that!!!! You can see it right here on these NGs. If they change their
nyms or steal yours to impersonate you, it's OK with them as they feel you
"deserve" their abuse. But if you change your nym they call you a troll
and a kook and abuse you all the more. They forge headers to make obscene
messages look like their victims wrote them. And no matter what happens,
they will always BLAME their target-victims. They will find a justification
for their abuse as an abusive husband justifies beating his wife and
children. Have you noticed that with all their complaining about nym
shifting they not only do it themselves, but refuse to killfile the
target-victims they demand keep one nym. If they don't plan to killfile the
target-victim why complain about their nym/nyms on Usenet? In the end the
best thing to do is seek another forum I believe. One that is moderated and
can block those seeking to harass and torment others on Usenet. The attacks
here are not going to cease for obvious reasons. They're *ENJOYING* what
they're doing as a disturbed child enjoys ripping the wings off flies or
killing birds and cats with a BB gun. I'm not the only one being verbally
abused and harassed as I'm sure you noticed.

The Usenet is a great way to share ideas.

This is or was true, but destructive negative people are killing NGs
nowadays because ISPs and some NSPs allow all forms of net abuse. When I
first got online 10 years ago such people would lose their service before
they could do much damage to a NG or it's members. At least on the groups I
was on.

is worth saving.

I feel the best way to serve them is to continue to
do as we have always done, but ignore trolls, don't respond, let them
talk to themselves.

They can't be saved. Look how rude and profane the "impersonator" is to
newbies on these groups. The other trolls back him up, teach him how to
hide his identity to better abuse others, and in general encourage the
abuse, then sit back and watch the show with a bag of popcorn and a cold
beer. You think not? That's exactly what one troll admitted they do.
And as you can see it's always someone else's fault - my fault, Ed's fault,
Gill's fault...... The groups are a mess and quite boring now with nothing
but attack, slander, impersonations, forged messages, porn and other
negative trash.
Most newbies will not come back and who can blame them? They don't come
here to be trolled and read porn. There are several people dedicated to
destroying these NGs for their own gratification, simply because they CAN!
Two of them aren't even from these groups and have no interest in ponds or
fish. Why are they here at all? None of their messages are or ever were

They are easy to spot, their words reveal their nature.

But many people will leave rather than have to dig through a cesspool of
troll garbage and filth for that one decent message hidden in the
mess........ and the trolls know this. That's how they empty a group of
decent posters until only they are left. Notice how the grossest profanity
and smut is cool to them, it's fine with them. They see nothing wrong with
it or slandering others. The rest of the trolls they bring in by
cross-posting are just noise and easily filtered out. Malicious trolls are
a whole other ball game.

It does take a bit of sorting to find legitimate posts, but the Usenet
is too valuable to just surrender.


You may change your mind in time. Besides, there will soon be no one left
here but the trolls........ and they'll move on to do the same thing to
another NG, finding another reason, another target-victim......

As a kid I learned, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names
and faces will never harm me."

Not everyone feels hurt by name calling.

Leaving the group is another nail in its coffin.

People who come to Usenet groups are familiar with trolls.

Nasty, hateful subjects or bodies are easy to spot.

The Usenet is worth some effort. Monitoring, sorting and responding
to legitimate posts is something I can do.

I understand people leaving, I resent posts urging people to avoid.
I get very suspicious since urging people to leave has the same result
as the trolls trashy behavior.