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Default introduced new plant"wow"

i added a few water hyacinth into an established pond yesterday. i
woke up this morning to find an out break of what appear to be clear
eggs. i calld the pond supply/ garden center to ask their oppinion.
they said probably snail eggs. not harmfull to the fish! i hope this
is true.
they also said pond salt will kill them.

my questions are.
1. are the snails harmfull to other things. ie.. plant life in the
2. should i add pond salt to kill them? i know to much salt is no good
for plants.
3. their are thousands of eggs. i dontthink i need 3,000 snails in a
1500 gal. pond.

any feed back would be helpfull. i am still a novice this is the third
season, for me.