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cat daddy
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Default June 17th Saturday; WARNING To All Groups - Dick

"Lone Gunman" wrote in message
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m, "cat daddy"

Toss me a time frame VIA email. Can't say it will change much,
but I am a little more receptive then I once was. If anything I
could add it to list of HitB's past transgressions (for future

Try alt.privacy.anon-server around the end of February into March
of 2005. Search for "JohnS", Cracklin' Rosie, "Dusty Miller" and
cross reference to what servers Carol was using at the time in
afn and the JW group.

Her remailers were also quoting the Path (including her known
servers) until I mentioned that that's how I could identify her,
then the remailer sock started editing that out.

Noted. I'll look it tomorrow. OTHER things to do tonight.

Hope you have a week for research......

Try a few hours... I have two news servers that go back over 300 days
in most groups and software that can pull any time-frame withing those
days. Anything beyond that is probably still on Google Groups.

I think Giganews stopped expiring text groups a while back. GN has 1,091
days of retention currently. Sorry to hear about your servers.......
But, it's hard enough keeping up with this crap in real time, without the
replays. Good luck with the abyss...