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Diana Kulaga
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Default Heh. I love the clearance table. :P

We're suckers, aren't we? Nice haul.....


"Tracey" wrote in message
Especially when I'm trying to beef up my supply of orchids.

There's a medium sized garden center at Pearl Harbor and,
as far as I can tell, they buy almost if not totally exclusively
from local nurseries. And they usually take care of their
orchids pretty well. But, still, about once a month, they
end up with a table full of clearance orchids. Most of them
are just not in bloom at the moment and there's really not
anything wrong with them. (Although the now two phals I've
bought on clearance from them had very limp leaves. The
previous one I bought firmed up in a couple of days so I'm
not concerned that the one I got today will not also recover.)

Anyway, got five orchids today. 3 in 6 inch pots (one badly
in need of repotting) and 2 in 4 inch pots. My finds

Ctna. Jamaiica Red "Krull-Smith" x Ctna Why Not
P. Brother Sally Taylor x P. Brother Sally Taylor
Odbrs. (Kenneth Bivens x Brs. Edvah Loo)
Mtdm. Hawaiian Gold

and an untagged one. That's the one that needs repotting
like today!

$80+ dollars worth of orchids for $20.

happy dance