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Jim Conklin
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Default Feeding Discus in Heavily Planted Tank/Amano Shrimp

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John van der Pflum wrote:
I just converted my 75 gallon heavily planted rainbow tank into a
discus tank. Currently I have 5 discus in there with plans on three
or four more.

The problem I am running into is feeding them. I am feeding them a
beefheart mixture. I have been putting it on a small saucer in the
tank so that it doesns't get totally lost in all of the plants
covering the gravel.

The big problem is my Amano Shrimp. I have several dozen in the tank
and they swarm all over the beef heart, often draggin it off the
saucer and into the plants.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a system that will allow the
discus to feed but keep the shrimp from eating everything?

I know there is always the option of gettin rid of the shrimp but I'd
rather not do that, if possible.

Your Discus will grow and eat the shrimp.
A few, very few have them make it once the fish are adults.

Try feeding cones.
Amanos are fairly aggressive feeders.

Tom Barr

I feed my discus beefheart and frozen brine shrimp every evening from
the top of the tank. They follow me to the top and I slowly dribble SMALL
bits of the food into the water. My four guys munch down on the shrimp as
it slowly sinks. I then wait until they finish what I've given them and
then feed them some more. It's kind of like spoon feeding a baby. It
takes about ten minutes but I consider it 'quality time' with my pets.

Jim C.