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OK... I have 55g tanks and 10g tanks,... all planted. I would love the
information and where I can get cheap fertilizers without the high cost
shipping and handling ($18 per order). Potassium nitrate is not
in my area.

Have you tried Home Depiot , Lowes, Canadian Tire etc?
They sell stump remover.

I live in the USA and none of these places carry it. I never heard of
Canadian Tire. I even tried a health food store. They didn't have it
either. Most places carry fertilizers as mixes such as 5-10-5 or 10-10-10
etc or organic products such as bone mean or blood meal. In my outdoor
gardens I use some woodash from the fire place and regular garden mixes
above. I only found one place called Martin's, run by Mennonites that sold
Potash, Nitrates and Phos' separately.

Oh and just because you live nthe USA do yu think you should have
special treatment. So ****ing what I live i the USA too and can get
any of the crap....real easy. Your just too ****ing lazy CArol, you
would rather propagate socks

You may want to get some ferts locally if you refuse to pay a shipping
charge, gas and running around will cost a fair amount also.

I looked for them locally. All I found was Muriate of Potash and those
mentioned above.

You shit, yur too busy ****ing off and lying to do any legg work and
too chepa to call on a phone long distance perhaps

1lb or KNO3 and 1 lb of KH2PO4 and maybe some CMS+B(the trace element
dry mix which is enough to make several gallons of trace mix for 1
pound) might make that shiiping charge seem for cheap.

It would be $30 for all the stuff on the Gregwatson page but I didn't see
any micronutrients there. I would then have to get someone to figure out the
mixtures per tank according to gallonage and fish load etc. Since there is
no guarantee these products will work any better than the expensive Seachem
products, I hesitate to purchase them.

Like I said yur a cheap old bitch CArol

For 25$ or so with the shipping, you can fertilize the tank for several
years and have much better growth, thus you can send and sell the
plants easy and make up that few $ in shipping charge.

Too much work for CArol, She does not do anywhere near what she claims
she does its all talk no action

But what makes you believe these products will work better than the Seachem
products? No store will take plants with black-red algae even for free. My
pond plants are raised at pot-top water level so have no algae problems. Do
you mean adding extra NPK will kill off the algae like the Exel was supposed
to do? And if I add these other products then there will be a CO2 shortage
and I fear I'll be told to buy even more products to add that to the
water....... where does it end?

Carol would rather argue and bitch than try

You obviously have enough $$$ to have hobbies like aquariums and plants
etc, so do not give me the poor me routine.

Carol has books full of excuses she can use.Yu have not heard a
fraction of her excuses yet..
Yes, and I already spend a lot more on this hobby than I should.

Then get the **** out of it Carol, yuyr presents certianly will not be

That's your own barrier you place on yourself there.
You have luxury items like pets, 18$ can be had by selling plants,
other things laying around if a fixed income is really the issue.

It takes energy and effort neithe rof which carol possesses

I'll see of there's a market here for aquarium plants. The chains will not
even take them for free.Who would want crap fro yu carol if it even looks half assed like you do

If I want something, I go get it.

Carol waits for mushroom randy to shoplift it. and if it won;t fit in
his pockets she says its not needed.

As do I. I got the other products I was told to purchase and they didn't
work, so why would I believe these other products will work? Especially
without added CO2 gas forced into the tanks. If they don't work and get rid
of the red-black algae then what? More money down the drain and I'll be
told I did something "wrong" again. Then more products will be suggested?
I spend well over $120 on plants, the extra lighting for the tanks, the
Excel, iron and other "nutrients" and the new plants happily faded away.
Meanwhile the old plants kept right on trucking.

Your life is down the drain why not pour the money down there tool
But you certainly do not "need" an aquarium......nor do I...........
You can check locally, but the shipping barrier is of your own creation
and getting the ferts which are dirt cheap and last a long time will
provide the means to grow the plants much better, you just do not think
that is true is all and not worth your time

FREE is carols version of cheap...anything else is expensive

See above. The other products that were recommended did almost nothing
after the initial "boost" to the plants. What makes you think these other
products will work?

Because yu always cut corners and use improper items to achieve
desired results wh ich always fails miserably........POTASSIUM
CHLORIDE hahahahahaha
Try and get the ferts of a commericial brand cheaper, you cannot do
it.They might cost less initially but after one round of dosing, there
goes the cost and you have to pay tax, extra for a pretty label and you
get 500X less ferts.
That's fine, but it's not because they are $$ on shipping.
18$ can be had many ways if the cost is an issue.
Ebay or Craig's list something.

It would take a credit card and carols cards are maxed out......

If I *KNEW* they would work I would order them. First I have no added CO2
which will be the next thing someone suggests is needed when adding all
these GredWatson "foods" to the tanks.... right? How can the plants
utilize the extra food without added CO2? Apparently Excel does nothing but
slow the growth of algae - from what I have seen in my tanks.

HOme brew CO 2 is easy to make and add and operate if

We got brains, so putting them use to pay for something you want is not
too hard.
Our local plant club suspended memebership dues 2 years ago.
We generate all of our funds via plant sales to other clubs, local
folks, ebay, CL's, local fish societies that often do not have many
plants but pay well for them......
So membership is not an issue for new folks.

Carol lacks brains, thats a guarantee as well as morales

There is nothing like that were I live. We have a pond club but they don't
bother with aquarium plants.

Yes there is, they keep it secret as no one wants yu in their
organizations. They elect their offiers they do not allow self
appointed officers or officials.

You might want to piggy back on someone else local to share on the
shipping also......

Yea carol and that doe snot mean doing it doggy style, but then again
she wou dhave to have a real friend, which she does not, only socks
and internet asociates.
You have many options and ways to get around the $ issue.
But that's up to you..........

Too much effort for CArol too easy to bitch and cry about it than do
something about it....Thats CArols way.

See above. Since the Seachem products did nothing for the new plants (why
were they even recommended?), and only a little for the old ones, I hesitate
to spend even more on products that will also fail to keep new and different
plants alive. The other expense would be to discard all the plants I have
and sterilize all the tanks to get rid of the black-red algae first. Then
start all over again with all new plants free of this RB algae plague - if
that's even possible. Then order all the "foods" from Greg and see what
happens...... if they fail as did the Seachem products I'll be told to
order a CO2 infuser so the plants can utilize all these foods. Or someone
will claim the four 40w tubes are all wrong and to purchase xxxxx brand
tubes. All I wanted was some new plants for a change and to get rid of the
RB algae, not get involved into an expensive major project with no guarantee
or certainty of succeeding.

I can't help notice you didn't mention lighting or CO2 injection when
recommending I use all these GregWatson additives/fertilizers.

Face it Carol your just a ****ing dumbased carpet bagger from New York
City with a chip on her shoulder.............suffer bitch suffer.

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