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On Fri, 30 Jun 2006 18:23:55 +0000 (UTC),
(Richard Sexton) wrote:

Have you tried Home Depiot , Lowes, Canadian Tire etc?
They sell stump remover.

I live in the USA and none of these places carry it. I never heard of

Look for "stump remover". Read the label (or google the brand name).

They do not sell stump remover in Tennessee, They keep stumps so foks
like carols husband have stumps handy to stump break cows. Stumps are
a necessary tennesee item.

You should be able to find one in a hardware store that contains
potassium nitrate. Most of them do.

Carol already said they do not, can't you hear?

KNOW (Potassium nitrate, saltpeter) used to be very very common and
on every drugstore shelf as it has human and animnal medicinal uses
but in a post 911 world this major component of gunpowder is now in
the "you may sign for it" category. Any drug store CAN get it for you
but it's stupid expensive.

Ah, thats why carol does not want to find any, its also used ot keep
hard ons down, and the last thng carol wants is a soft noodle around.

But, it's still the only decent stump remover so try then route. It's
cheap in this form.

Told ya, stemps are need in the tenessee Mt. Juliet area for Randy and
the neighbors cows........

You may want to get some ferts locally if you refuse to pay a shipping
charge, gas and running around will cost a fair amount also.

Carol steals her gas anyhow so gas is not a problem......

I looked for them locally. All I found was Muriate of Potash and those
mentioned above.

That w ill do it has the name potassium and thats good enough for

Muriate of potash is Potassium chloride which is seldom used in terrestrial
gardening and when it is, carefully, and is never used in aquatic gardening.

Yes but CArol uses it, remember......carol knows best.
It's essentially, salt.

Yea, its salt and CArol uses it for cooking also
Salt is Sodium chloride and Potasium chloride is essentially the exact
same thing with potassium replacing sodium. It's sometimes used as a salt
substitute for people on low sodium diets.

But we like full strength salt here...
In an aquarium you'd be driving the potassium too high and the deleterious
effects of that are pretty well understood and the chloride ions will
do plants no good.

1lb or KNO3 and 1 lb of KH2PO4 and maybe some CMS+B(the trace element
dry mix which is enough to make several gallons of trace mix for 1
pound) might make that shiiping charge seem for cheap.

Cheap ****ers
It would be $30 for all the stuff on the Gregwatson page but I didn't see
any micronutrients there. I would then have to get someone to figure out the
mixtures per tank according to gallonage and fish load etc. Since there is
no guarantee these products will work any better than the expensive Seachem
products, I hesitate to purchase them.

Too much money for CArol

I understand the mindset of "oh god I've added all these chamicals and had
no or bad results why should I ad more". BDTD.

But CArol knows best
But, ask people what has worked. You'll find a distinct lack of Potassium
chloride and a common element in succesfull aquatic gardens is the use of
potassium nitrate. This is about 10-15 years old now in constant and daily
use and you'd be hard pressed to find it's use earlier than that.

Carol does not give a flying **** what works she is driven by $$$$

For 25$ or so with the shipping, you can fertilize the tank for several
years and have much better growth, thus you can send and sell the
plants easy and make up that few $ in shipping charge.

A total of $1.00 is out of CArols budget....street corner blow jobs
are down so carols budget is history. She has had to drop her price
to 2 blow jobs for 25 cents and will swallow at least one of them.

But what makes you believe these products will work better than the Seachem

Dog shit mixed in at the ratio of 50:1

Experience. Lots of it. By many people over a large number of years. The seachem
products work fine when properly used. Adding potassium chloride instead of
potassium nitrate is probably going to screw everthing up though, although it's
not a mistake I've heard of anybody making so far, so thanks for the data point.

Carol has lots of experience, creating socks, lying, working the
street corners, and helping the motorcylce club members get their

That's your own barrier you place on yourself there.
You have luxury items like pets, 18$ can be had by selling plants,
other things laying around if a fixed income is really the issue.

Send me some for free and I'll telly9u how good it is.hjows that.I am
just a cheap bitch

I'll see of there's a market here for aquarium plants. The chains will not
even take them for free.

Typical. Try selling to hobbyists.

She even has problems giving away free lays.......

If I want something, I go get it.

Or HAve Randy go steal it.

As do I. I got the other products I was told to purchase and they didn't
work, so why would I believe these other products will work?

I am a fuctard, don't ya know

Asked an answered.

But you certainly do not "need" an aquarium......nor do I...........
You can check locally, but the shipping barrier is of your own creation
and getting the ferts which are dirt cheap and last a long time will
provide the means to grow the plants much better, you just do not think
that is true is all and not worth your time/$.

You have no business telling me what I can spend my street corner
money on.
See above. The other products that were recommended did almost nothing
after the initial "boost" to the plants. What makes you think these other
products will work?

Asked and answered.

Would fish guts work............or scrapings from a pap smear?

Try and get the ferts of a commericial brand cheaper, you cannot do
it.They might cost less initially but after one round of dosing, there
goes the cost and you have to pay tax, extra for a pretty label and you
get 500X less ferts.
That's fine, but it's not because they are $$ on shipping.
18$ can be had many ways if the cost is an issue.
Ebay or Craig's list something.

If I *KNEW* they would work I would order them. First I have no added CO2

I don't use CO2 on purpose. I know it'll work I've seen the (spectacular)
results and know I can get MUCH better plant grown (especially crypts) if
I use it, but being a luddite at heart I want to see how good I can get

which will be the next thing someone suggests is needed when adding all
these GredWatson "foods" to the tanks.... right? How can the plants
utilize the extra food without added CO2? Apparently Excel does nothing but
slow the growth of algae - from what I have seen in my tanks.

Not a good indicator given their chemical composition. Do you think the
poeple that have near-universally reported that it does do a nasty number
on alage are lying? As far as I can tell one other guy said it didn't
work for him but everybody else noted the was death on algae.

I've never tried excel without KNO3.

See above. Since the Seachem products did nothing for the new plants (why
were they even recommended?), and only a little for the old ones, I hesitate

Carol - you bought the wrong chemical. Try the right ones that people
have had wondefull success with.

God dam it, CArol knows best, carol did not error in any did

You've been asking for 4 months how to solve this problem and many
people have told you how and you've done something different and
it didn't work.

And she has so called fiddled with fish for 12 years and still does
not know a ****ing thing about them either. I thnk she really does not
have anay fish its just her vaginal smell makes folks think she has
fish, but actually she is saving yeast for baking bread for Randy the

Try doing what people have found works. Try following the answers you've
been asking for instead of making stuff up.

Carol is super at making things up now, at that she excells

Barring that, try prayer.

Thats the problem, CArol does not belive in gods of any
kind..........God killed her daddy and mommy, ruined her numerous
marraiges and took her ovaries....can you blame her..hahahahahaha

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