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Default Edging for curved borders?

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I have used felled tree sections. Often the limbs form nice curves.
Another thought from that is to cut sections. How deap is this bed, you
said raised? You can split logs for slats or use sections of branchs. The
creative options are many...

"will" wrote in message
Thanks for the advice so far.

I've just dug 3 new vegetable beds, each 30 feet by 4'6". The long
sides of the beds follow quite pronounced curves, which rules out
using planks or sleepers for edging. Bricks are an option, but a
little too permanent.

The strips of log roll that you see in B & Q etc would do the job, but
work out expensive for a total border of about 200 feet. Ideally we
would like to use galvanised steel or aluminium but can't find a
reasonably-priced option here either. We've also looked at the
plastic, slightly corrugated lawn edging, but wonder about the
durability of this for raised beds and all the digging and scraping
that a veg patch will get.

Does anyone have any ideas or contacts that may help? We're not
looking for something on the cheap, and would happily pay a reasonable
amount for the right solution that would last us a few seasons.

Thanks, Will