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Default Restarting Excel dosing

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On Fri, 22 Sep 2006 12:17:58 +0100, 2pods wrote:

I ran out of Excel last week and have some arriving today.

However, as it has been over a week since the tanks were dosed and have
had 25% water changes and substrate hoovered, do I treat them as "new"
and use the initial recommended doing, or dose as usual ?

Most nutrients give you a ppm (parts per million( to aim for. Do your
water tests and calculate how much is needed. If that sounds like too
much work, do your normal weekly dose. Most nutrients are toxic if given
in too high of concentration.

Laie Techie

You're right
I'm being lazy, my bad ;-)
reply from Seachem says start again.

has anyone seen/used these pH alerts yet ?
I spotted them on Seachem's site when I was asking about the excel.
Useful/not useful ?