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Default Railroad Ties

itten wrote:
I built my water garden with raiload ties stacked 3 high with a liner. I
was wondering if the creosote in the ties would leech into the pond when it
rained. I built one of these a few years ago and had some problems with my
koi dying. I don't know if it was a result of the ties or not. When I
noticed the fish dying. I added some shelves that I laid on the top of the
stacked wood. This would keep some of the rain water from entering the
water. Shoiuld I be concerned with this arrangement before I start adding

I presume railroad Ties are what we call sleepers in the UK.

Creosote is nasty and might get into the water, especially in hot
weather. To be safe(r) you could make sure the liner covers the top and
down the outside a bit.

BTW it's possible to get untreated sleepers as well, if they are redwood
sleepers they are very often not impregnated with creosote. You can also
buy new ones that are untreated, but not as attractive as old weathered

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