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Default Water restrictions and gardens

Jen wrote:
"Jonno" wrote in message

Terryc wrote:


The idea is that you don't run the water continuously while shaving
or brushing your teeth.

Yep, I know this.
Personally, I think everyone should required to stop shaving as well.
That would save an enormous amount of money.

Most people I know brush while in peak traffic (Grin!)

This article from the Diamond Valley Leader Newspaper
A woman was fined last week for brushing her teeth - while driving a car.
The Patterson Lakes woman, 23 was spotted brushing her teeth in peak hour
traffic while driving north along Greensborough Highway about 9.10 am on
Thursday October 5. She was seen be Banyule Police who issued a $145 fine
for failing to have rpoepr control of a vehicle.
Now I ask you, was she or wasnt she trying to do the right thing?

The amount of water saved by domestic users is a piddle in the pond
compared to commercial users.. Its commercial users that are the problem.
Also if the Government was really serious about saving water they would
make toilets etc comply by having dual flush compulsory, as well as water

Obviously you think the Government's not too serious about saving water. So
do something about it, or at least do what *you can* to lower your own use
of water - don't rely on the Government or someone else.


ME Ive been saving water for years, but to come up with corporations to
regulate water is completely crazy.
They refuse to put in more infrastructure, and charge like wounded bulls
for a resource which will become limited. Yet they say we couldnt have
come this far without the Thompson dam, then say more dams wont create
more water. Er run that past me again?
With only 9% of all water being used by homes, we need a little more
response than putting the blame on people singing in showers. We should
be so happy. Lets face it, the only one with reason to sing in the
showers are the parliamentarians who leave their job with tax payer
funded super annuation...