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Default Water restrictions and gardens

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The idea is that you don't run the water continuously while

or brushing your teeth. You brush/shave first, then rinse. It

add up to quite a lot. I probably waste a litre or two a day

my teeth in the shower.

Do people actually brush their teeth in the shower?? That

would waste a lot of water. It's a totally ridiculous thing to


I do

Why on earth would you do that??

Because I don't feel clean till I've done it.

There's no need to have any tap running
while brushing your teeth, and the shower uses a lot more water than

a tap
in the basin does. Imagine how much water you're wasting!

I'm not wasting it. I'm rinsing the soap off my body while I am tooth

Some people just take longer in the shower because they like to wash

thoroughly, or slower, or like to rinse more. But to have it going

while brushing your teeth??!!!!!!!!

That comment is totally illogical. You seem to think it's OK to take
longer to wash but not OK to be a quicker washer and to also do one's
teeth at the same time. And I'm not wasting any water than any other
person can use. I collect my own and have never yet had to buy water.