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Default Water restrictions and gardens

"gardenlen" wrote in message
you can have it rob,

obviously the chemical residues in the stuff along with possible
viruses is of no concern. then i suppose if it is going into a river
that gets flushed maybe no worries.

ours is going into our dams no flushing there just years of
accumulated pollutants.

what pollutants are they?

to me it seems like an indictment that in this modern world any
community should have to drink recycled sewerage water.

anyhow so long as the drinkers eyes are wide open.

you have to keep in mind that all water is part of the precipitation cycle,
so all water is recycled. the water you drink tomorrow could have been peed
out by elvis ;-) any "pollutants" in your area which enter the
precipitation cycle (or others, elsewhere) are therefore going to be part of
that as well, so it seems odd to have one set of pollutants to be concerned
about which are solely associated with sewage (?)

for me i just don't
have that sort of blind faith in the administrator especially at the
end of the day when it is all about profits and control.

i don't have much faith in those types either, but recycled sewage would be
the least of it. the standard way it's done, anyway.