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Default Water restrictions and gardens

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"0tterbot" wrote:

what pollutants are they?

household chemicals prescription medicines
all the medical including low grade radiation residues from hospital
waste including chemotherapy.

it's the accumlative combined effect the legacy which is going to be
for your childrens/children yet to come? and when they find that

they did has corrupted the fresh water system then what? there won't
be an effective clean up.

By the time we reach adulthood most of us have already had more then
our fair share of pollutants and still continue to get them every day
from our food and the atmosphere without even thinking about the

And some very nasty chemicals do have some positive side effects -
fluoride being one.

It's impossible to avoid any contact with chemicals in our current
society and the situation will continue to get worse. Our
grandchildren are already going to inherit the most appalling mess
from our generation so the most we can hope for is to mitigate some of
the problems.

Water supply problems will get worse not better (and since the
Federal Government has FINALLY begun to make noises about global
warming then I strongly suspect that they have finally reached the
point where they can ignore it no longer).

Given that the water supply problems have now reached such a parlous
state, I don't think most of Australia will be left with much choice.
Water, like air, is a basis for survival and even shitty polluted
water will eventually come to be be seen as better than no water at
all. Just ask the communities along the Darling River or at Goulburn.

I've got no sympathy with whingers who live in the city and complain
about the nasties in their water or the lack of it or anything about
it. They need to get off their arses and see what is happening in
some of our rural communities. It's simply appalling and sucking the
guts out of the country. I know you've lived in the country so you
have some idea, but most people are simply clueless except for how it
impacts on them as the water comes readily from their taps.

I can't stomach whinging about no water for lawns when I know of one
community where the hairdressers are saying to clients that they can't
wash their hair so come to the appointment with washed hair. And the
hairdressers are only the tip of the iceberg. Everyone in that
community is hurting and going broke. We'll leave this drought with
devastated rural communities.