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Default Water restrictions and gardens

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with them because they experience the effects of drought too but


How do they experience the effects of drought? You continue to

that city dwellers "experience the effects of drought" and have an
"acute" awareness of the drought. How?

obviously, it doesn't rain enough.

:-)) I had to smile at that one. Sydney has been getting lovely lots
of rain. Not in the catchment of course but over many of the burbs.

Now you add "snarky" to "combative". Pot, kettle, black comes to

for some strange reason.

did you leave something on the stove?


I've posted generalisations and you've posted generalisations. I
haven't said you can't post them but I have to admit that the

of consciousness posts don't work for me. I'd like you to stick

some facts or at least post in some structured way so I don't have

hunt so hard to figure out where you're headed in all that


my babble's "verbiage", actually. g

Glad you recognise it as such.

Not consistently logical throughout but better
than the usual stream of consciousness stuff.

well gee - tell that to the authors.

It was in the selection of cites - they weren't consistent.

I'm off side but you aren't. I have a problem but you don't. I

see a
problem with that even if you don't.

the problem with written communication that really peaks on usenet

is that
it's too easy for people to misunderstand oneself or what one said

(or one's
"tone"), and then there's the part where people will persistently

things that aren't even there.

Yes it is easy to do so. I guess that's why you think I'm combative
or snarky.

for example, until the other day i thought you were a cheerful young

now i think that's most likely _completely_ wrong, but i can't very

decide you're a persnickety old grumblebum, because that's most

likely just
as wrong.

Both views can be right but it depends ont he ocassion. Like most

p.s. you still haven't criticised my lack of capital letters, but

it's been
fun anyway.

Well it does make for difficult reading. It's called an "eye jag".
That means that writing in such an unaccepted style is hard for the
reader to read fluently.

I can understand why you do it but I can't type and I still make the
effort because I know how hard it is to read uncapitalised and
unpunctuated writing.

are we finished yet?

Don't tell me you are going to turn chicken on me!