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Default DIY Co2 Instructions for a Freshwater Aquarium Planted Tank

"Gregory Ho" wrote in message
There are a few things to note because I just tried this DIY

1. Use only a soda bottle with plumbing tape around the threaded top.
This ensures an air tight seal. I bought a nice looking plastic jar
and I could never get the lid on air tight. Thus, I was losing my CO2
out the lid versus building up enough pressure to overcome the water

2. DO NOT CONNECT HOSE until the warm water has cooled down to room
temperature. I had a FLOOD in my living room because when I connected
the tube to the CO2 generator while the water was warm because when the
water cooled the pressure in the bottle went down thus causing a siphon
effect out of the aquarium and into the bottle which then overcame the
air tight seal of the bottle and went all over the floor. (The reason
for overcoming seal is next).

3. When you put the hose (using a connector or not) DO NOT FILL CAP
WITH SEALANT because when you twist the cap you will also be twisting
the sealant around the outside edges of the cap thus breaking the bond
the seal had with the cap. Instead, place small amount of sealant
round the hose (or connector) leaving adequate space around the outer
edges of the cap for the bottle neck to fit. I filled up the cap with
sealant, twisted the cap which broke the sealant's bond, and then
hooked up my hose while the generator mix was hot which caused the
flood in #2 to happen.

4. If possible, have your generator as high as possible to reduce the
amount of pressure that is needed to overcome the water pressure of the
aquarium. Air stones require too much pressure. So, do not use them

These are my mistakes that I have made in the last few days. And, I
hope this helps anyone out there.

I'm definately thinking of an off the shelf kit now.