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Default where to buy brewers yeast

Thanks !!

p.s. I just thought that Brewers yeast would last longer because of its
higher tolerance to alcohol ...
the batch of bakers yeast I just started is giving off quite a bit of
CO2, so clearly it is working.

kev wrote:
On 25 Dec 2006, the world was enlightened by Michael's opinion about...

Where can I buy 'live' brewers yeast for a CO2 incubator? Whole Foods
sells brewers yeast, but it's dead.


I'd skip the brewers yeast and just use a much cheaper bakers yeast
available at your local market (Krogers, Wal-Mart, etc.). A 4oz jar will
last a long time. Brewers will generate more co2 in total, but it will do
so much more quickly and you'll be mixing a new batch more often.