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Default How long does your CO2 tank typically last you?

"ah" wrote in message
I broke down and bought an $80 regulator, tank, and other supplies
last March. The tank is only a ten gallon, running about eight hours
a day, about a bubble a second in a 75 gallon tank. It's been
chugging along for almost 10 months now much to my delight. I had no
idea the CO2 systems were so cost efficient once you get past the
initial expenditure. At only $12 or so to refill the tank it's a hell
of a deal. Obviously, I realize only running it 8 hours a day is part
of the savings, but the plants are really benefitting.

How long can y'all keep your CO2 going between fill-ups?


It depends. :-)

I have a 20# tank on my 55 gallon running 24 hours a day at about 3 bubbles
per second. I only get about 6 months out of a tank, but I've suffered from
various leaks. The last problem was a cracked bubble counter due to CO2
exposure. I use a PH meter anyway, so I just scrapped the counter. I'd say
you could get a couple of years out the tank, but it depends on bubble size,
quality of refill, etc.

The best thing to do is weigh your tank empty and weigh it now to know how
much gas is left. I believe the empty weight is stamped on the neck of the
cylinder somewhere.