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Default Would anyone care to remind us idiots... (another unhelpful 'witticism')

Hence the expresion 'sowing one's oats'?

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On Jan 30, 11:04?am, Sacha wrote:
On 30/1/07 09:46, in article , "Keith

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One story I heard that the 'old gardeners' used to use, was to bare
bums and sit on the earth. When they felt comfortable - it wast time to

Before you ask - no I don't...

I was thinking more of their reaction when it *isn't* time to sow!!

I first heard that one as a guide to sowing barley. There are more
comfortable variants for the faint-hearted, or gluteally
hypersensitive: "Sow wheat in mud, barley in dust", or "Sow your
barley when you can't see what colour horse the neighbour's using".

There's much to be learned from simple peasant wisdom. Consider the
traditional rhyme:
"When buds do burst on the sukebind tree,
'Tis time to spread your 2-4-5-T."