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Pat Meadows
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Default ... (and tags) and bird feeder

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003 13:20:45 -0800, (Glenna
Rose) wrote:


The tomato labels shown on my web page were laminated and put in the

of plants for Millennium Farms. They said they always sold the plants
with the photo labels first.

Glenna, I'd like to see these. Could you give us the URL,

Sure, Pat. My garden web page is at:

The page has not been updated at all since around August so it's still
summertime at the page.g

Thanks. I'll look at it as soon as my eyes are opened
enough to see (it's 7 am and I just woke up). It's spring!
Allergy season.

Oh, and the suggestion about the blinds for plant tags - I've often wished
I had an old mini-blind to use for just that. I have some ancient
wood-slated ones that I use for various paint/silkscreen projects but am
concerned they might lead-based paint might be on them. Plastic or metal
mini-blinds is a great idea. An advantage of the plastic or metal blind
slats is that they will "rise above" the plant so we don't have to look
for the name. :-)

That would be nice, wouldn't it?

You could almost go out and BUY a mini-blind - they're not
very costly. Maybe ask neighbors, friends if they have an
old one?

I have one. It's at a 'dead window' in our bedroom. The
window is into the garage, which was a later addition to the
house. I could make curtains for the window instead... and
use the mini-blind for the garden.


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