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Default Radishes - my Waterloo

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On Tue, 25 Mar 2003 15:30:30 GMT, "Hane" wrote:

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.. .

I never have luck with radishes, a vegetable easily grown by
3rd graders. They get leggy, but never produce nice fruit. Out of a
whole bunch that took up my (limited) space, I harvested maybe a
measely 5-6 actual radishes.

What am I doing wrong??

I had the same problem until I began watering them every day. It gives them
a slight sweetness and they're huge at 30 days. This is from the same
seeds I used the previous year.

Thanks. What zone are you, BTW? Wondering if same advice applies to
both of us, zone-wise?

I'm in zone 9 but got the tip from Martha Stewart's tv show