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Default Radishes - my Waterloo

On 25 Mar 2003 09:20:42 -0800, (MacTech) wrote:

I never have luck with radishes, a vegetable easily grown by
3rd graders. They get leggy, but never produce nice fruit. Out of a
whole bunch that took up my (limited) space, I harvested maybe a
measely 5-6 actual radishes.

Try planting your radishes as early as you can for your growing zone.
If they're planted later when the days are longer and warmer, they
seem to have a tendency to put their energy into growing tops and
going to seed, rather than growing the root underground.

Trust me, I did! I'm in Zone 24/8, so I grow winter vegetables all
year. Sowed the radish seeds in Jan or Feb.

But we have had almost no "winter"; temps have been above-average
so maybe your explanation fits.

At least it will make me feel a little less, uh, unaccomplished g.

Thanks to all for input.