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Default 18" of Snow on Long Island - yes this too is global warming

"D Kat" wrote in message
After failing to find a water heater anywhere locally I went out and

an air bubbler to keep a hole open in the pond. It was doing such a

job and then we got over 18" of snow in one day. I can't even see where

pond exists let alone a hole somewhere in the vast blanket of white on our
back yard. even the chairs and benches are under. I have to laugh at the
misconception folks have of global warming, thinking it means we will all
have San Diego weather when in fact what it means is that with the ocean
covering most of our earth being the heat sink and the weather maker we

have more extremes of all weather. The "snowstorm of the century" was

a few years ago and we missed beating that record by a couple of inches.
The previous 2 record beaters were I believe since 1988. DKat

LOL! I just love this "global warming." It's the perfect explanation for
everything. If it's hot, it's global warming. If it's cold, it's global
warming. And then, of course, if it IS global warming it is undeniably
caused by humans -- even though the so-called "greenhouse gasses" are
produced in far greater quantities by the Earth itself. Mt. Pinatubo
belched out more "greenhouse gasses" in one eruption than man has put in the
atmosphere since the dawn of time. Mankind has been on this planet for a
relatively short period of time. Could this "global warming" not just be
part of a naturally occurring cycle that takes an incredibly long time (from
the human point of view) to complete?