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Default Trying to join RPM?

On Mar 19, 12:29 am, "Mallica Gapoka" wrote:

If your ISP/NSP isn't carrying rec.ponds.moderated you can access the group
and avoid Roy "Tristan" Hauer's attacks by getting one of these free NSPs.
All carry the moderated group.

Do not reply to Roy "Tristan" Hauer under any circumstances as the most
innocent comment can trigger him to have a "psychotic episode." He will
then harass, net-stalk, degrade and slander you as he did Gail, Jen, Tara,
myself and others.

Evidence of Roy Tristan Hauer's apparently untreated mental illness:

----- Original Message ----- 1

From: "Tristan" *Roy "Tristan" Hauer*
Newsgroups: rec.ponds
Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 9:46 AM
Subject: Attn: all true rec.ponders -please post to
news.groups.proposals -from ron

Hey Gail , suck my cock you whineing ****head! There how is that if
you think I used provocative language, before, yo lied. Now yu have a
****ing reason to whine, bitch!

There are HUNDREDS of these sick depraved messages all posted by Mr. Hauer!
Had people been warned about him, they could have avoided him, hence
one of his "episodes."

An ignored troll does not last long, you folks should approach it that
If a troll gets under your skin, then they love it.
If you sink to their levels, they love it.

So do not feed the trolls and they will not bother you.
Stay on topic, be helpful and stick to the higher ground if they do
try and post.

If you think this is something "new" (trolls) you are sadly mistaken.
Learn to deal with it. Plonk!

Tom Barr