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Default X-post: Poisonous plants and childcare

"Chookie" wrote in message
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eggs wrote:

My kids have a variety of plants and trees (and related insects,
spiders, snails, etc) in their yard and we have never had a problem with
it, but I would certainly never purposefully plant something poisonous
in my yard. My kids might be safe, but I couldn't be sure visiting kids
would know enough to avoid dangerous plants.

I know for a fact that there are daffodil bulbs in my garden, and rhubarb.

MIL kept pointing out that the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow plant in my

yard was poisonous until I told her that as I have no front fence, the

are unlikely to be out in the front yard without supervision.

Same here - there's not a particularly large number of plants that could do
much more than give you a belly ache in our garden, but my kids know about
the plants in our garden ...and other *little* kids don't tend to visit
without their mothers.

There are a
surprising number of plants with poisonous components.

and there's the problem for the C&K. Techincally the sweet peas and the
cherry tomatoes could cause problems.

IMHO children either put *everything* in their mouths or nothing. While I
wouldn't intentionally put an oleander hedge around the day care, one

that the kids are supervised outside and that they're not likely to eat

of anything before being spotted. Choking is probably a more likely

than poisoning anyway.

True - so I'm hoping its just the particularly nasty plants that they have
to remove (and fair enough I say) ... maybe I can add murraya to the list on
the sly so they get rid of that &^*% stuff as well

BUT - I don't have to tell you about what happens when a legal form to
certify there's no poisonous plants gets involved in the equation.